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Rainbow Fish Speak Easy: Lock In

Coming to your home via live ZOOM EXPERIMENT

Live on ZOOM! The Rainbow Fish Speak Easy has not been cancelled. In fact we need our poetry community more than ever and this event, hosted by BBC Somerset poet Liv Torc, will be a fun, funny, tender and tremendous experiment; with tips for successfully navigating this weird, scary and isolating time. OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Thursday 13 April @ 7.30pm (90 mins) at your house | Donations (by Just Giving Link)

Things the show will include:

  • Liv Torc will host with the power to mute you all at will!
  • Mark Heylar from Take Art will bring the music
  • The Word/Play group will perform
  • There will be an open mic with spots available for anyone with an original poem to share. (Book with Liv early to get on the bill.)
  • We will be making an audience poem live on the night.   
  • There will be a headline spot from Chris Redmond, one of the UKs most successful spoken word artists and musicians. He has performed on BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Four and Sky Arts. He is also the creator and host of Tongue Fu, one of the UK’s leading spoken word shows.
  • As ever the broken and the beautiful and all their friends are invited.
  • We ask you to make your own shakers with a Rainbow Fish theme and help us create a special ‘we are all shaking together’ atmosphere.

The show comes out of Take Art's 'performance poetry on prescription' Word/Play project, which helps adults with mental health or learning challenges find new ways to talk about their lives.

Please email livtorc@yahoo.com to book a slot or to request the link sent on the day.

How to get there: (RULES OF ZOOM)

  • You will need a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone with built in phone and good internet access. Use a desktop where possible for a better quality experience. 
  • The link will be live on the Rainbow Fish event page (here) at www.takeart.org on the day, along with the Take Art Facebook and Twitter page. You can also send your email and we will send you the link a few hours before.   
  • When you have the link click no more than 5 mins before the show is due to start but still give yourself those minutes, so you can download Zoom (if you haven't already) and faff about getting it to work. You will also need to download the Zoom app on tablets and smart phones. 
  • When it gives you the option turn on your computer audio and mic. To turn on picture on desktops go to the little camera at the bottom left of the Zoom screen to activate the video. For tablets and smart phones tap the screen and menu options appear in the middle.
  • Swith your screen to gallery or grid so you can see everyone. Top right desktops, top left tablets/smartphones. Unless you just want to see yourself! (A mirror is also good for this).
  • Turn off your phone and all other audio distractions (such as Netflix or political broadcasts), as we don’t want to hear them.
  • Make sure we can see you, black boxes without faces are a bit weird online. It’s like you are sitting at a gig in a balaclava.
  • Only come if you are committed to the success of the event and the safety of everyone involved. Anyone with a different agenda will be bounced.

Remember this special ‘Lock In’ event is for the benefit of all our hearts, souls and mental health!

Dates & Times

  • Thu 16 Apr 2020

    7.30pmYOUR HOME
    More Info plus Not Online
    • Call: 01460 249450
    • Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Price: Ticket Price: Magic Hat Donation Button (you decide what you can afford)