Powerful stories of Afghanistan women

Sitaraha – The Stars tells the stories, of three women living in very different historical periods in Afghanistan, all having experienced war and religioius oppression in their lives. 

The first story is about Halima: a young woman awaiting her execution sometime in the 2000s. She has been charged with adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. The second is from Gul Begum: a young woman who lost all her family in the war in 1892, becoming a slave to the war lords. The third is Sara: a woman affected by the civil war during the 1980s. 

Women and their stories have forever been suppressed and restrained in Afghanistan. Monirah Hashemi, who plays all the women, is an actor, singer, dancer and playwright who uses film and theatre to help women build their self confidence, express their ideas and stand up for human rights. 

Monirah left Afghanistan six years ago to start her life in Sweden where she has been working with Riksteaterm Värmland and Teater DOS.


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