Good old-fashioned family theatre

Meet Coyote… She’s fast and fearless, cunning and kind! But there are two things she doesn’t like… One is being cold: so she decides to steal fire and give it to the world! And the other is Narrators… because they’re a bit, y’know, boring. So imagine her surprise when she finds a Narrator telling her story…

The story of The Fire Catcher! Physical theatre and storytelling collide in this fast and fun-packed performance that boasts bags of opportunities to howl along!

Suitable for children 3+ and their adults.

Tor Theatre were set up in 2006 by Angela Laverick and David Reakes, two professional actors who moved from London to Glastonbury. Angela tours nationally with companies such as Vamos Theatre and you will quite possibly have heard David’s voice on Radio 4 in the afternoon play.

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