Re-imagining Taunton in Poetry

19 June 2017

Taunton PoemNEW from Take Art on Vimeo.

Taunton is not often celebrated as one of the most inspirational of towns, although a key conurbation in Somerset's urban landscape it somehow lacks the romance or historic charm of Wells, or the quirky defiance of Frome.

That didn't stop the 12 or so budding writers and poets who gathered in Taunton Library one Friday morning in June to reshape and reclaim the poetic heart of the town. With the help of Performance Poets Liv Torc and David Reakes they explored alot of the stigma and emptional context of the town, creating group pieces to be performed and filmed at locations throughout Taunton.

Their words will be taken and used by Arts Taunton to input into a new creative vision for the town.

We wanted to share a couple of pieces from the workshop, including a poem based on the Taunton skyline as it is now and a video group poem based on the intricate complexities of the town now and in the future.