The Take Art Effect

How Take Art is changing the world in 2019

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Have you ever wondered who Take Art are and what they do?  

In case you didn’t know, Take Art is a unique, life-changing organisation that doesn’t live in a venue, or studio or a whacking great theatre but, primarily, in the villages, towns and rural communities of Somerset.  

After 32 years in the business of taking art out to where the people need it, our arms have got wider and longer, our heart is still in the county of apple blossom and ham-stone but our vision echoes out into the whole SW region, the country and even the world.  

Take Art is in fact a remarkable entity, operating out of a converted mill on a farm near South Petherton with a team of 12 mostly part time staff. Despite its relatively humble situation, Take Art has for over three decades provided opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience, participate and work within the arts. The team at Take Art have also spent day after month, month after year, year after decade, demonstrating that the Arts have the potential to transform lives and communities for the better.  

The above map and subsequent feature has been created to give you a visual guide to the work, reach and impact of Take Art.



The Take Art Effect - 2010 to 2018

Take Art has been busy this decade. Here are some of our achievements in Somerset:

  • We have put on 872 performances
  • We have worked with 5567 volunteers, helping 180 communities put on performances in their village halls
  • Our audiences numbers run to over 65,000 people, mainly from rural communities
  • We have run 392 participatory workshops for a range of adults and young people
  • We have run workshops and creative activity in over 222 schools
  • We have delivered creative workshops in over 40 PRU's and Youth Clubs
  • We have paid artists and theatre companies over £300,000 to bring and make work in Somerset

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