Family ties, birthday celebrations and pavlova come together to reveal the secrets hidden in Somerset’s strawberries.

Birthday Day is a play about the truths and lies of a Somerset farming family. Three performers and the audience seamlessly entwine to create an annual family party, spanning 70 years. Uncle Brian, Cousin Georgina, Granny and Grandad: they’re all there to celebrate Jeanie and Lily, two sisters who share everything - including a birthday. But one year, on one birthday, at one family party, things change forever. You are invited to join the Birthday celebrations on the farm, and watch their story unfold. 

Birthday Day is inspired by the short story A Notable Oak Tree by Nick White, which itself was inspired by conversations with Somerset farmer Duncan Palmer. It brings people together through food and theatre and encourages us to reflect on the relationship we have with our own community, the land and each other.

Birthday Day is suitable for anyone aged 8+. The show has not been made with young children in mind but they are very welcome. 

The show contains real food which is eaten by the cast during the action. The food is in close proximity to the audience. The food contains: strawberries, sugar and egg whites (whisked and baked into a meringue), and whipped cream.  Following the end of the performance, the audience is welcome to help themselves to the remaining food.   We cannot guarantee that these foods are free from food allergens. We advise those with food allergies or sensitivities to inform the stage manager or the cast before the performance begins. We will do everything that we reasonably can to ensure the audience does not come into contact with any food that they are allergic or sensitive to.

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