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We want to help Artists & Creative Practitioners succeed in Somerset

How we support artists

Are you a Somerset-based artist working in theatre, dance, spoken word, the Early Years or music? 

We help artists to:

  • Nurture talent
  • Develop skills
  • Grow their artistic and business practice
  • Achieve financial sustainability

Take Art plays a key role in helping to shape, resource and sustain the county’s theatre, dance, early years, rural touring and participatory music sectors. We do this by providing artistic and business support for practitioners and companies.

Our Artist Support & Professional Development programme supports individuals and companies at various stages of their development. It embraces the needs of graduates, emerging artists and practitioners, as well as those who are more established, to remain resilient, fed, connected and supported. We encourage creative thinking and offer opportunities that are inspiring, accessible and affordable.

How we can support you

We know that working in a predominantly rural county can be a challenge. If you have an idea, who do you talk to? If you need advice on writing a funding application, who can you call? Or if you just want to be connected with other like-minded people, where do you go?

Part of our role is to offer answers to these questions. And if we don’t know, or we’re not able to help, we’ll be honest and point you towards someone who might. Within our team, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we’re happy to share, but we also have finite resources and capacity to respond to every request.  But we will do our best to help.

In practice, this means we can be at the end of the phone or Skype for a chat, respond to email requests or, when appropriate, arrange to meet face to face. Throughout each year, we facilitate several networking meetings for artists and practitioners to share good practice, broker relationships and reduce the isolating impact of working as an individual or small company.

Who we support

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