They play, leap, tumble, juggle and joke

Once upon a time.... many years ago, in a time before manuscripts and orchestras there was a magical, musical land called Bowtopia. In this mellifluous kingdom bows held magical powers. Legends tell of one bow made more powerful than all the others. Many battles were fought in the quest for this bow, for the person to weald it would truly be Lord of the Strings. This bow was known as.... Excalibow! 

Bowjangles presents its most magical, and ludicrous, show so far. A theatrical, musical journey through myths, folklore, legends and a portal in a cello case. You can expect tales of ancient gods, monsters, historical figures and characters of pure fantasy. Full of comedy, energy, panache and almost every musical genre you can imagine! 

They play, leap, tumble, juggle and joke in this pantomime style comedy for all the family. 

“Funny, genius, utterly inspired.”   Dillie Keane