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Edinburgh Fringe Festival Preview

Three Shows, One Incredible Night!

BARN is thrilled to support and preview three Somerset and North Somerset companies before they head off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.

A marvellous night of high summer theatrics, as Take Art's BARN project showcases three Somerset companies on the brink of their incredible Edinburgh adventure.

Come along for the whole evening, with snacks refreshments served between shows two and three. 

5pm - Atomic Rhubarb presents Looking for Baby Daddy

Join Barbara, a mother to be, who doesn’t know who the daddy is and neither do we. Witness her waddle through numerous encounters with nosy parkers, all while trying to remember the ins and outs of her impregnation (pun intended). She’ll pour her heart out to you and some crazy theorists will croon you. A story of confusion, delusion and more confusion!  

6pm - Snatch Theatre presents Fighting Talk

Sara and Sara want to talk about feminism. But the conversation’s gotten messy. Everyone’s talking but no one’s listening. And frankly, they’re confused. Fighting Talk is a comedic romp into Sara and Sara’s world, as they try to explore why feminism and feminists have got a bad reputation. From third wave spiders hungry for the blood of all living men, to frolicking in frills to the musical stylings of Strauss, this is a show we all need to see. 

7.30pm - Pip Hambly presents Kinkens

Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. Years have passed. Jack is depressed. Jill, his loyal friend, is unable to share her worries, feeling hopeless, fearing the worst. Tune in to the sometimes raucous, sometimes outrageous, always tender-hearted riotfest ‘Kinkens Questions’ broadcast live from Jill’s mind. Guest starring a Hollywood monarch, a circus performer, a bird of paradise and a Doctor to the Unanswerable. What can you do when all the voices are telling you to give up? Kinkens is the story of a dance with depression - and an anxious mind learning the steps. How putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes might help us to live with the impossible.  Oh, there’s puppets and songs. And dancing.  #Kinkens @APhilippaHambly