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Emily Hennessey & Sheena Mukherjee


Awe-inspiring, hilarious, mythical

Hindu myth is a cosmic, mind-blowing world of rebirths and radical transformations. Kali is one of the wildest shape-shifters of all. Demon slayer, life saver, supreme mother, destruction dancer, this goddess is truly Awesome.

Join storyteller, Emily Hennessey, and sitar player Sheena Mukherjee, for a white-knuckled tuc-tuc ride through sun-kissed palaces, fiend infested forests and saffron-scented marketplaces. This is thrilling storytelling, weaving traditional and modern Indian music, song, and Kathak dance.

**** “Exhilarating, evocative... a wonderful piece of theatre... vital for both Hindu and modern culture.” Theatre Bubble.