Foley is a thrilling contemporary circus show for all ages, brought to you by Collective ConTakt.

Collective ConTakt  are a circus collective specialising in high level acrobatics and live music. The group have their roots in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and the UK, and are touring Foley to outdoor venues across the south-west this summer.

Foley explores the highs and lows of togetherness, with exquisite live music, performed by a musician and five acrobats. Foley is full of surprises, touching on themes of vulnerability and trust with light-hearted, playful silliness. Their tall, human towers and high throws will take your breath away!

This south-west tour of Foley is brought to you via Circus Around And About 2.

"It was so cool the way they jumped, and the music, it was unique and so exciting, make sure you go to see them" 

Audience member from inclusive kids group

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