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Holy Cow!

Emily Hennessey and Sheema Mukherjee

Emily’s masterful storytelling takes audiences on a journey into south-Asian culture, brought alive by a sitar-led soundscape. Sit back and be transported somewhere very special.

When the Holy Cow is stolen, it sets in motion a cosmic chain of unexpected events...

A Goddess leaps from the skies, and only Shiva’s hair can catch her wild torrents. A king has more sons than space, but taking a fancy to the Sky God’s palace is never going to end well!

A demonic power threatens to obliterate the world. And still the river roars, surging from mountains to sea, leaving no stone - or ego - unturned as she washes illusion from the truth. 

Storyteller Emily Hennessey and sitar player Sheema Mukherjee conjure fast flowing worlds of cosmic creatures, celestial curses, wise women and gods behaving badly in these Indian stories of liberation, love, life, truth and illusion.