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JIENKYO / Arts Fraction Foundation presents KUUKI

A beautiful early-years interactive performance resulting from a collaboration between Japanese company JIENKYO and Polish company Arts Fraction

This rare show is part of a European tour that Take Art is part of. This is a non-verbal, interactive show of the highest quality.

Kuuki is the Japanese word for air. It is a Kanji term defining sky, atmosphere and energy at the same time. KUUKI is a quest for energy. Can the wind be touched? How does the air smell? How does the breath sound? Each of us – the youngest and the oldest – experiences it on a daily basis, yet the air constantly enraptures us with its elusiveness and enchants with the promise of flight, rising, spinning.

The performers take the audience for a journey to search for materiality together, in what is so fleeting. They invite the air to be touched, felt, listened to... In this delicate and safe space, artists, children and adults look for mutual experiences and inspire each other. Movement, sound and image are filled with air.

For ages 0 - 5 and their families 

All the performances have now sold out. Please only attend if you have booked a ticket as there is limited capacity at all venues.