Derby Theatre and Take Art Making & Believing presents Let’s Play Messing Around, a magical, musical tale full of mischief and mayhem for nursery children, their parents, teachers and carers.

Roo is thoughtful, reflective, happy to play alone - absorbed in activities and contemplating what’s going on around them.

Brodie is a force of nature, loves singing loudly, dancing, playing with others and rushing around.  
They meet for the first time.  
They have very different personalities.  
They play very differently.  
Brodie lures Roo out of their shell and into playful mischief! Do you want to join in? 

Together, Roo and Brodie joyously sing, dance, make up stories and do a few things that are considered ‘very bad behaviour’. But they also learn to share, take turns, compromise, handle their emotions and become good friends.

This show created by Sarah Argent was inspired   by   creative   encounters between artists and young children  in  Derby,  Somerset  and  Surrey  as  part  of  the  Paul  Hamlyn  Foundation  funded  project,  Making  and  Believing.