A true, funny story, for all our ears

Meet Jonny; a teacher, workshop leader and avid football fan. He’s an artist, a campaigner and he’s just become a father. He is also deaf, loves to dance and can’t hear the music unless the bass is turned right up.

Jonny was born deaf and grew up in a hearing family, surrounded by hearing friends who did not use the word deaf. In fact, some of those people didn’t know Jonny was deaf until they saw this show. 

Louder is Not Always Clearer is a tender funny show about the importance of connecting with others and how hard that can be. It’s the story of one man, who despite appearing to be sociable and confident is also vulnerable and at times isolated. It’s the very human story of trying to fit into a world when you don’t quite match the mould. 

Using projection and mime, dance and drawing along with Jonny’s natural charm and humour, this show brings the audience together in a beautiful singing, signing, laugh-along way.