Outstanding Spanish circus comedy brought to the South West by Take Art's Circus Around And About 2 project

This Anyday may be the last day. The last day in this place. Max may have been in this place for some time. And today, Max will pull us deeper into his intimate interior world and that of his ‘bird’. This world is a tender, heart-breaking world. A world filled with strange sounds, echoes of the past and perhaps an idea of the future?

Comic, absurd, surreal, Anyday explores the archaeology of loneliness with light, darkness and ultimately joy. Set to an original score by Matt Huxley, Anyday is a tumultuous odyssey that transmutes the clangs and boings of unbearable hope to make our spirits soar. 

Largely performed on a trampoline with jaw-dropping acrobatics and bouncing props, Max has been described as a ‘bouncing Beckett’ amongst other things and despite his best intentions, like all great clowns Max can be extremely funny.

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