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Mountain Music

Little Bulb/Farnham Maltings

A theatrical musical adventure about songs that leave and come back again

When pioneers from the British Isles came to settle in the Appalachian Mountains they brought with them the invisible baggage of songs and reels from ‘the old country’.

In this unique theatre spectacle/concert the fabulous Little Bulb create an unforgettable tapestry of culture, migration and history exploring the roots of what we now call country music and its impact on popular music today. Told in exquisite three part harmony and featuring fiddle, bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin, join us for a theatrical feast, of tales and songs.

Produced in collaboration with Farnham Maltings this will be a great evening’s entertainment.  Farnham have never let us down in ten years of working together: they reliably turn out really wonderful theatrical events that are perfect for village halls.

“Boundlessly enthusiastic, insanely optimistic and inexpressibly charming.”
Lyn Gardner