Nine stories that explore the notion of being ‘hefted’ – deeply connected to the land

Hefted is a play told through nine stories embedded in the landscape, history and psyche of rural life, presented by four actors who conjure a score of characters between them, interspersed with song and a spectacular soundscape. 

All nine stories explore the notion of being ‘hefted’ – deeply connected to the land. 

The audience watches from two sides of the playing area: watching the watchers as well as the action. 

The stories of those who live in the countryside are rarely heard or heeded; this play opens the door for those stories to be shared.

Press quotes:- “A powerful, intense and gripping production that transformed our village hall into a window onto our landscape.” “You could almost smell it - of course you couldn’t, but you could, if you know what I mean”. “I was so engrossed that I nearly leapt up and joined in - and I’ve never been on stage in my life!”

Written by the wonderful SW based playwright David Lane who understands our region and performed by Devon theatre company, Multi Story, this highly recommended production is rooted in our rural culture and times.