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Online EY Music Sessions: What Works Well?

The SoundWaves Network & Wiltshire Music Connect

Early Years Music Zoom Event, hosted by The SoundWaves Network and Wiltshire Music Connect. A chance to reflect and share the most effective ways of engaging musically online with babies, very young children and their families.

About the Event 

A chance for you to reflect and share your most effective ways of engaging musically online with babies, very young children and their families. 

Some of you may be connecting with very young children via pre-recorded sessions, others delivering live sessions and some are signposting useful online resources for families or settings.

Participants are invited to share what is working well for them for e.g. a particular song or rhyme, a useful piece of tech, a particular structure to a session, your physical set-up of your space etc.

There will also be time to reflect and really question what is best for the child:

  • What are the pros and cons to this new way of working online for the child?
  • Do we need to consider the ethics of our work?
  • Are we better to equip and empower parents to recognise and build upon their child’s spontaneous musical play?
  • Do we need to consider how our practice may have to change in order to operate within these restrictions for the forceable future? need to operate with these restrictions for the forceable future?

Lots to discuss! 

To book on - email jane@takeart.org by Friday 15 May with your contribution ideas.

Limited numbers for this event. If we are over-subscribed, we will repeat again.

How to get there: (RULES OF ZOOM)

  • You will need a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone with built in phone and good internet access. Use a desktop where possible for a better quality experience. 
  • Jane Parker will send you the link when you book your place.
  • When you have the link click no more than 5 mins before the event is due to start but still give yourself those minutes, so you can download Zoom (if you haven't already) and faff about getting it to work. You will also need to download the Zoom app on tablets and smart phones. 
  • When it gives you the option turn on your computer audio and mic. To turn on picture on desktops go to the little camera at the bottom left of the Zoom screen to activate the video. For tablets and smart phones tap the screen and menu options appear in the middle.
  • Swith your screen to gallery or grid so you can see everyone. Top right desktops, top left tablets/smartphones. Unless you just want to see yourself!
  • Turn off your phone and all other audio distractions.
  • Make sure we can see you, black boxes without faces are a bit weird online. It’s like you are sitting in a meeting in a balaclava.