Enchanting Balkan, Klezmer and Gypsy Music by Opa Rosa, an energetic quartet of Bristol-based instrumentalists.

As skilled interpreters of music from the Klezmer, Balkan, Greek & Roma traditions, Opa Rosa are fast gaining a reputation as one of the city’s most dynamic and virtuosic bands. In their repertoire is a vibrant collection of melodies from across the Balkans, every detail and ornament of which is played with fiery precision. Opa Rosa's masterfully arranged tunes capture all the joy and sorrow that these traditions are so renowned for expressing. 

The ornate interplay of Isis Wolf-Light’s clarinet and Lulu Ruby Rose’s violin blends with the authentic sound of Thomas Hodson’s accordion, while Isaac Ellis dances up and down the double bass fingerboard with punchy grace. With several combined decades of study and experience, all four musicians are well-versed in the music’s syntax and significance, and their sensitive arrangements are grounded in a deep respect for the heritage and cultures from which these beautiful styles originate.