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Origami Mami & Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid

Tentacle Tribe

Hip Hop dance double bill

Tentacle Tribe are a contemporary / hip hop dance group from Montreal in Canada, offering a double bill of award-winning performance pieces.

Origami Mami - A trio of exceptional dancers perform a routine that unfolds from simple to complex geometry, looking like the interlocking parts of a complex machine with bending, folding steps as intricate as origami.

Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid - A piece consisting of stunning urban hip hop dance, inspired by the fluid movements of diverse land and sea creatures. Relentlessly athletic and hugely impressive, these dancers have the internal resources and the external strength to pull off a superbly entertaining show.

Emmanuelle and Elon, the choreographers, have worked together since 2005 forming Tentacle Tribe in 2012 after their first performance for Cirque Du Soleil in Quebec City. Meet them both in a post show discussion to learn more about their work as professional street dance artists from Canada.