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Rex The King

A blind man walks into a pub...and tells anyone who’ll listen that he was once the king of darts.

• Drayton Village Hall • Chilthorne Domer Recreation Centre

Rex The King is the theatrical tale of a Somerset darts champion who ruled the world, but lost it all. Witty, uplifting and ludicrously tragic: expect blood and sweat, tears and beers, not to mention plenty of raucous songs and rousing silliness. 

Based in Somerset, the now legendary Wassail Theatre Company, are well known for uniting communities through inspiring stories, giving people unexpected, surprising and positive experiences of theatre. 

“A monumental theme encased in beer and pub camaraderie, encapsulating all human emotions in a musical, magical, hugely entertaining whole. It’s popular entertainment that packs a heavy punch, right on your own doorstep.” The Fine Times Recorder

“Fantastic. Loved it. It was really moving in lots of different ways. You’re hitting an audience here that might not go and see theatre anywhere else. It’s tremendous. More of this theatre, that’s what we need. Really need.” Audience Member