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The Bluebirds Theatre presents Musicians of Bremen

Based on the Grimm Brothers tale of four abandoned animals seeking a new life, this show celebrates the musical potential of everyone.

Locally-based Bluebirds Theatre bring us their family friendly folk musical from their Popera House!

A donkey, dog, cat and rooster, all decide to go to Bremen together to become musicians. After a terrifying experience with a wicked robber, they abandon their quest and instead resolve to live as musicians together in the forest. 

It’s a joyful tale with some great dramatic characters brought to life with life-sized puppets.

“Bold, innovative, and creative, you all delivered a performance packed with the humour.” - Arts Taunton

‘What amazing fun! Epic singing, great puppets," Anna Bushell

"This performance was my favourite to date. Thanks for providing rays of sunshine during these grey days." Frances Machen