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The Farmer and the Clown

Flibbertigibbet Theatre

A non-verbal family show, accompanied by live music

An old farmer, living alone, in the middle of nowhere, rescues a baby clown who has fallen from a passing circus train. He is initially reluctant, but as they spend time together on his farm, they form an unlikely friendship develops through play and laughter. They find something new in themselves by being with each other.

 Adapted from the wordless picture book by Marla Frazee, Flibbertigibbet will tell this charming story through silent comedy, dance, slapstick and accompanied by a specially written live musical score.

Played without words, the show will be suitable for all ages, and accessible to non-English speaking audiences, as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The story delicately explores loneliness, friendship and care, across divisions of age and community.

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