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The Feather Catcher

Filskit Theatre

A fun, playful story of friendship, togetherness and mischievous feathers.

Freda loves feathers more than anything. She is the best Feather Catcher around. She has her cages, her net and an impressive collection - but there’s ONE special feather that she just can’t catch. This feather is blue. It’s tricksy and tickly. It utters and oats just out of her reach. Can clumsy neighbour, Greta help Freda on her quest to catch the blue feather - and teach her the importance of friendship at the same time?

This non-verbal show playfully uses live music and beautiful digital projection to tell this delightful tale of teamwork.

“The audience of nursery and reception children were wholly engaged and cheered heartily for the Feather Catcher at the end.” - Eliza Wilson, Stratford Circus

“We love this because it uses digital technology in a magical way.”  Hopper team