Minima deliver a treat for village hall audiences; this is a Halloween spectacle as well as a gig. Don't miss it!

Formed in 2006, Minima are a Bristol-based four-piece band specialising in live accompaniment to screenings of classic silent films. Their instrumentation includes cello, double bass, guitars, dulcimer, mandolin, synthesizer and drum kit, creating a bold and unique live sound.

Minima’s original scores strike up a thrilling relationship with the images and narratives of some of the most iconic silent films of 1920s, creating a truly immersive audio-visual experience.

The Lodger, a silent film that Hitchcock directed in 1927, is generally acknowledged to be the one where he properly found his "voice". This is a story of betrayal, obsession, and persecution, all triggered by the arrival of the extraordinary figure of Ivor Novello at an anonymous boarding house in some London backstreet. Accompanied by Minima's haunting scores, this is a performance not to be missed!

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