Rural Touring Refund Policy

This policy aims to provide clarity regarding refunds on the Rural Touring scheme. On this matter, Take Art will continue to defer to the promoter as we believe the community should have ownership of the show they are promoting. The following points are recommendations that we think are fairest to both the promoting group and the audience.

If an audience member contacts the promoter directly asking for a refund, the promoter may refer to this document but may choose another course of action. If Take Art are contacted directly more than two weeks before the show, we will follow the procedure on this policy.

If an audience requests a refund:

More than 3 weeks before the show                                   Full refund offered

Between 1 and 3 weeks before the show                           50% refund

Less than 1 week before the show                                     No refund


Exceptional Circumstances

  • If the artist cancels a show, all full refunds will be offered.
  • Force majeure – If a widespread extraordinary event stops many people attending a show, a full refund will be offered.

Take Art wishes to preserve the friendliness of the Rural Touring scheme. Often, promoters know their audience and audiences come to support their community or support a not-for-profit organisation like Take Art. Please be aware that by not offering refunds, we may foster distrust and damage our audience sizes.

Promoters often work on tight profit margins as their venues can only generate so much in ticket revenue. If ample notice is not given for a cancellation, Take Art agrees to protect promoters’ ticket revenue. 

Note: If an audience member has booked online, all refunds will be minus the booking fee.

This policy has been created in consultation with Take Art promoters and other Rural Touring schemes.