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38 partners in over 25 countries, mostly within Europe but also in Japan and Columbia.

Time Frame

June 2018 - 2022 (We joined in 2019)


RURITAGE is a four-year EU-funded research project, initiated in June 2018, that aims to strengthen the role that culture and heritage plays in rural regeneration.

Co-ordinated by the University of Bologna, this pan-European project will share examples of good practice in six areas: Arts & Festivals; Migration; Resilience; Pilgrimage; Local Food and Landscape. With a €10m budget funded through the Horizon 2020 programme, RURITAGE intends to make a significant impact on rural regeneration initiatives and includes UNESCO among its 38 partners.  

Please visit the RURITAGE website for full information on all aspects of the project and partners.

Where does Take Art fit in?  

In January 2019 we were invited to become one of 38 partners in the project, profiling the impact and success of our touring scheme.

The project offers us all sorts of intriguing possibilities for the future, including the opportunity to learn from, and share our experiences with, many other European projects and partners.

Through RURITAGE, we will pilot a new initiative, learning from an innovative agro-food project in Puglia, Italy, to develop a Rural Heritage Hub that brings together local food and arts sectors to improve social cohesion in our area. We’re in the early stages of co-creating the hub with several other sector partners and will be launching it in November 2019.  

In the meantime, RURITAGE will have a presence at this year’s Flaxdrayton Open Day. For one day only, Flaxdrayton Farm, where our office is based, is opening its doors to the public for an exclusive peek into the 18 thriving arts and social enterprise businesses based on the complex.
Come along on Saturday 21 September, 11am to 4pm to taste and buy fresh produce from local food producers; see wood-carving and other local artisan practices in action; enjoy live music and explore the story of this 160 year old model Victorian farm.

Please visit the RURITAGE website for full information on all aspects of the project and partners.

For further information on Ruritage please visit the main website

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