U.Dance Criteria 2020

U.Dance 2020

Shortlisting Criteria

The selection panel at county and regional events will be looking for dance groups that:

  1. Demonstrate excellence in performance
  2. Present excellent and engaging choreography*
  3. Show dancers taking clear ownership of the choreography, which is appropriate for their age and experience*
  4. Demonstrate respect and consideration to all (demonstrated through both the group’s conduct at the regional event and the appropriateness of performance content) 

*A note on choreography: Excellent work selected for the U.Dance National Festival in previous years has been created by group leaders, teachers, young people, professional choreographers and any number of collaborations. There is no preferred ‘type’ of choreographer and no weighting in the selection process is given to who created the piece.  

National Programming Considerations

The National Selection Panel will consider all shortlisted work and select dance pieces which combined as a performance programme will:

  1. Reflect the diversity of dance styles practiced by young people across the UK
  2. Create an interesting and varied performance
  3. Showcase excellent and authentic work from both schools and youth dance settings

Supported by Pavilion Dance South West.