Apple Art

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” 

Apples are important to Somerset and we want to celebrate that however, with so many local food producers and farm shops unable to celebrate the annual ‘Apple Day’celebrations this year Cultivate have cooked up an ‘Apple Art Challenge’ with local Crewkerne artist Natasha Rand from Creation Generation. 

An opportunity for the community to ‘create together’ Apple Art is a fun, artistic challenge that will involve the whole community. Design a piece of apple art, write stories, poems, memories of old, write a song. 

What's involved? 

We would like to invite you to make an apple for our community “Apple Art Tree” to celebrate our local food producers and the food they produce.


• Draw your apple (MUST fit on an A4 piece of paper or smaller)

• Use the template provided if you want OR

• Just draw your own. Peel it, bite it, cut it or draw it whole. Your choice.

• Watch the video to inspire you

• Or let your own style take over                                                                                  

Who can take part?

Anyone. This is a community lead project so we are working with schools, care homes, art groups, families and individuals. It's all about celebrating the Somerset Apple.

How do I start?

Watch the video:

Read our helpful and printable guide including all of the detail:

The submission of apples is now over but it's never too late to draw and make your own apple tree at home. 

Any apples or apple tree creations can be photographed and sent as a J Peg file to: or Facebook message; Natasha Rand Creation Generation. 

Once we are out of lockdown and we have more freedom to move around the community apple tree will be assembled and displayed at various locations including North Perrot Fruit Farm for the community to enjoy. We hope to be able to display it at Crewkerne Farmers Market throughout the summer months in 2021. 

In the meantime, be safe, creative and have fun producing your individual apples and work! 

Keep your eye on the Take Art website and social media for all of our up and coming summer projects and opportunities.  

To find out more about Cultivate click here. To contact us about anything related to this project email