Cultivate's Commissions

A Vineyard’s Portrait

Richard Tomlinson with Wayford Wines               

This project will develop into a portrait of Wayford Vineyard.  The project will convey: the ever-changing appearance of the vineyard itself, the ‘hand-made’ nature of the process, the wide ranging tasks required to produce the final product (from tending the vines to labelling the bottles) and the passion of the dedicated group of people who make it all happen.

Ceramics and the Salad

Caroline Barnes & Dawn Quince: Chicken and salad Farmer, Hinton Harvest  

The commission will highlight the variety and range of leaves and edible flowers that Hinton Harvest grows and sells, making this more visible to current and potential customers. It will raise awareness of the different type and varieties of leaves, communicating that salad is more than iceberg, it is about texture, colour, taste, beauty and diversity.

Keep it in the Family

Wassail Theatre (Nick White) with Duncan Palmer: Vegetable Farmer, Bower Hinton  

A contemporary story about the traditions of family-run farms and generational transition. The story starts in Bower Hinton and travels through narrow lanes with passing places across Somerset and Europe. Wassail is interested in how the story is structured and the unanswered questions it leaves at the end.

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