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Apple Art

An apple based project through Cultivate at Take Art for the South Somerset community.

Apples are important to Somerset and we want to celebrate that with celebrating the apple with Cultivate's ‘Apple Art Challenge’.

Apple's are an important symbol of our county and where we live. To celebrate the apple, the Cultivate project has teamed up with Artist Natasha Rand from Creation Generation to create Take Art's 'Apple Art' Challenge.

We would like to invite you to make an apple for our community “Apple Art Tree” to celebrate our local food producers and the food they produce.

An opportunity for the community to ‘create together’ Apple Art is a fun, artistic challenge that will involve the whole community. Design a piece of apple art, write stories, poems, memories of old, write a song. Due to Covid lockdown - two, we have decided to extend the project and collation of all the community apples until 4 December 2020 - so get your creative juices flowing and get involved.

For further details check out the Cultivate web page and Apple Art page which has a 'how to' video and printable hand out. 

We look forward to receiving YOUR, UNIQUE apple!