Jonny Fluffypunk - The Locked-Out Lock In

26 August 2020

INN CROWD are delighted to welcome renowned stand-up poet Jonny Fluffypunk to sit as writer in residence at the wonderful York Inn, Churchinford. Jonny’s poetry and spoken word work has earned him the status of firm-favourite with INN CROWD audiences up and down the country, but he is also a celebrated writer, performer, workshop maker and maker of manner of weird and wonderful visual art creations.

The York Inn is a beloved INN CROWD pub having hosted several live shows. This traditional pub is situated in the idyllic Blackdown Hills community of Churchinford and prides itself on an atmosphere that is welcoming for all. From those looking for a great evening out to those looking for a top-quality lunch after a morning strolling through the hills.

Jonny’s relationship with The York Inn, started back in 2018 when he performed an INN CROWD show there.  A memorable night for poet and punters alike! This year he returns as poet in residence, ready to get to know the clientele a little better and paint them a portrait in words of their community for them to keep always.

For the Locked-Out Lock-In, Jonny will be creating handmade and lovingly performed bespoke pieces for a hand-plucked clutch of the community, the People of the Pub. There will be personal poems to hang on the wall, and a People’s Poem, to represent them all. Stuff to read and hear and see, so you’ll never forget it’s the place to be. The Pub, The York, the hub of community.