New Year, New Moments

26 January 2023

The Rural Touring scheme is up and running with some companies already giving us some extraordinary moments in 2023. Fully Booked Theatre came all the way down from the Northeast to perform three stunning dance-theatre shows for children and families. 

We received some great feedback for their show How Long is a Piece of String and had children up and dancing at the end of every performance with the two characters String and Strong. 

You can see String and Strong on the cover of our new brochure below.  

In this brochure, we have a packed schedule with high quality performances taking place in communities across Somerset. We are excited to welcome musical duos Harriet Riley and Alex Garden, and Janice Burns and Jon Doran, as well as Jazz five-piece Rwkus. All these musical offers showcase instrumental virtuosity in genres spanning jazz, folk and classical. 

Crowd favourite David Eagle is back touring his comedy show Flying Solo in Feburary and March. A great night guaranteed with this side-splitting stand-up.

We welcome Emily Hennessey and Sheema Muckerjee to Somerset with their new show Holy Cow! A collection of Indian stories accompanied by Sheema’s sitar playing. 

Debs Newbold is back in Somerset with her beautiful solo theatre show Lost in Blue. This innovative piece uses looping sounds to create soundscapes to accompany Deb’s wonderful storytelling. This show is a must-see. It’s been nominated for, and won, a plethora of solo, small-scale theatre awards.

Check out our map below, it's likely we have an event coming near you! 

To book tickets for your favourite shows, visit our What's On page here