A Take Art European Case Study - We've Been Featured!

01 February 2024

We are proud to have been one of only a handful of case studies featured in a recent research study written by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo ETS produced in collaboration with Trans Europe Halles. This comprehensive exploration provides an overview of community-based, culture-led projects across Europe, contributing to social cohesion and local regeneration. 

This report was response to the call initiated by EIT Culture and Creativity, designed to produce an overview of community-based, culture-led/CCSI-driven regeneration projects that have yielded positive outcomes in terms of social cohesion. 

It aims to highlight the distinctive features and characteristics of these projects, emphasising elements of innovation, enabling conditions, as well as obstacles and challenges encountered during their implementation. It also provides valuable insights for policy makers, project leaders and other stakeholders, while fostering long-term sustainability and growth within an often challenging financial landscape.

We invite you to read the full research study here