When I Say Jump awarded £10,000 by Ideas Tap

16 February 2012

Jac went on to say "We didn't expect to win, but it justified us a taking a chance on an idea; we really only applied because we felt it was too good an opportunity not to take a punt on and fortunately it came off. We are really excited about the idea of 'A Modern Town'. We're hoping it's a story that will resonate with all different types of people and it is something they can identify with, but also be enjoyed as entertainment. All we have to do now is start the long, hard winding road to Edinburgh 2012! "

Jac and his artistic team applied to Ideas Tap last year and along with six other hopeful companies heard the nerve-racking news that they had been shortlisted to make a pitch to the Ideas Team in Lond.  On 1st Feb they duly made their pitch to the panel from Ideas Tap and lo and behold they got through!   Many congratulations to the company on this exciting news.  They have been awarded £10,000 to take their new show 'A Modern Town' to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.  Great news for Jac, who comes from Minehead and was part of the very successful 'Homecoming' that showcased at the Regal last year.  'A Modern Town' tells the story of a former bustling holiday resort for the British public, it is now a lost community desperate to matter in the modern world.  A story of last chances, forgotten dreams and 3 mysterious businessmen who offer a way out.

Take Art are delighted to have been able to support the writing of this piece through some modest seed funding, via the Somerset County Council creative industries fund.