Dance on Tour!

06 September 2016

Last year, the Rural Touring Dance Initiative was launched to bring contemporary dance to village halls and community venues around the country. This Autumn the first selection of shows are set to tour, having been chosen from a menu of shows by local programmers.

In Somerset we our delighted to be hosting Lost Dog with their fantastic dance theatre show Paradise Lost (lies open beside me), which will be at West Coker Village Hall on 7 October and All Saints Hall, Langport on 9 October. Click here to read more and books your tickets.

Other shows on tour are listed below. Please note several of these shows will be coming to Somerset in 2017 and will be announced soon.


    Panta Rei with I Wish Her Well | 2 - 9 Oct
    Luca Silvestrini’s Protein May Contain Food (May Contain You) | 6 -29 Oct
    Lost Dog Dance and Paradise Lost (lies open beside me) | 7 - 15 Oct
    Spilt Milk Say Dance/Blast from the Past  | 13 Oct – 26 Nov
    Joan Cleville Plan B for Utopia | 11- 12 Nov
    Lila Dance Deluge | 18 &19 Nov

To read full listings including venues click on the download at the bottom of the page.

Each new dance show has either been designed for performance in village halls, or specially adapted from existing repertoire by the company. There is also additional activities for audiences to help build interest in the shows. Lost Dog’s Ben Duke will lead discussions on creation, poetry and parenthood; Protein will invite audiences to bring local specialities to eat and share at May Contain Food – May Contain You, and Lîla Dance will recruit an extended cast from the community to be part of dance experience The Deluge.

Click here to read more about the Rural Touring Dance Inititive and its hope to provide more dance opportunties to rural areas.