Flood Relief Fundraising Event Receives Tremendous Support

18 February 2014


We did it!  And we would like to say a huge ‘thanks’ to everyone who rallied around to make this event happen, and to those who came along to see the performance on Sunday.

The Red Brick Building, Glastonbury, was a hive of activity on Sunday 16 March as the cast and technical team arrived in the afternoon to assemble the show.  Thankfully we were blessed with a team of extremely talented people who understood exactly what needed to be done in such a short space of time.  As the doors opened at 6.45pm, it was amazing to see a large number of people roll in and take their seats.

“The event went really well and we’ve had some great feedback. The venue was packed and there was a great atmosphere,” said Sarah Peterkin, Co-Director of Theatre.

Although we are still waiting to hear how much money was made to support the Relief Fund, we are hopeful that we are close to reaching our target of £1000.  You can still help by donating here.

A special thank you to our colleagues at Somerset Film, who recorded the performance. This is now available as a podcast. Please click here.

The Rain Has Voices was first toured by Take Art eight years ago, set around a fictional village on the Somerset Levels called Harrow Bridge. Threatened by a major flood, most of the villagers have to evacuate the area. But a few remained, holding fast to their memories and their lives.

Given its immediate relevance, we re-staged the play, as a rehearsed reading, to raise funds for those affected by the extensive and persistent floods across the county. We produced it in partnership with our colleagues at Somerset Film as an opportunity for the arts community to give something back to Somerset residents.