Perform Europe

04 February 2021

Perform Europe is a highly-anticipated project which will support experiments to make international touring of the performing arts more sustainable, inclusive and balanced. The aim? To collectively test and design a future European support scheme for cross-border touring and digital distribution of the performing arts.

Over 18 months, Perform Europe will explore and test sustainable touring practices – on artistic, human, social, economic and ecological levels. It will also promote the digital world as an exciting domain for experimentation in the performing arts.

We will seek to reach out to diverse groups of performing arts professionals and audiences, who usually do not take part in or benefit from international touring of the performing arts. And we will strive to achieve a balanced representation of various players.

What is happening between the start of 2021 and summer 2022? 

In a nutshell:

1Research on the needs of the sector,
2Launch of the Perform Europe Digital Platform and call for applications,
3Networking and creation of touring partnerships on the Digital Platform,
4Awarding of grants to selected partnerships,
5Touring – both physical and virtual,
6And finally, release of conclusions on how such a support scheme can become part of Creative Europe 2021-2027.

Want to be part of it? Find out more about the current stage of the project and the opportunities it will provide. Read more→

Our director, Ralph Lister, was invited to be one of the speakers at the launch of Perform Europe. Listen to the whole thing here, or skip to around 43 minutes in to hear Ralph talk about SPARSE (Supporting & Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe) in the context of developing rural touring within Europe. #PerformEurope