Thinking beyond the COVID-19 crisis: heritage-based opportunities for rural regeneration

07 December 2020

How can the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic be turned into opportunities for sustainable rural growth and regeneration?  

Over the last few months, RURITAGE has developed a Vision Paper to support the process initiated by the @EUcommission on a long term vision for rural areas #RuralVisionEU. It builds on the RURITAGE methodology, that identified 6 Systemic Innovation Areas and 6 Capitals as drivers for rural regeneration.

The main conclusions of the Vision paper are recommendations that focus on six capitals (natural, cultural, social, human, built, and financial), with three overarching areas of action that are applicable at EU, national/regional and local level:

  • Policy
  • Funding
  • Knowledge 

The RURITAGE Vision Paper aims to stimulate the discussion on rural futures, while aiming to contribute to an open-minded, and thoughtful discussion for the sustainable development of rural communities in Europe and beyond.