16 Cultural Organizations from 12 Countries: This is SPARSE Network

08 July 2021

The SPARSE Network is an exciting development that achieves one of the Creative Europe funded SPARSE aims which is to create a European Rural Touring Network. The original 8 partners and associate partners working together through SPARSE have understood the importance of creating a Europe wide profile raising and advocacy movement. In addition its intentions are to:

• grow the existence of rural touring networks in other countries,
• develop and share good practice with each other
• increase the knowledge of rural touring to artists and colleagues in the cultural sector
• seek resources to support our work
• advocate for access for rural communities to high quality professional arts activity

At the launch of the SPARSE Network at a meeting on February 16th 2021 the following founder members of the Network agreed a new logo and committed to the aims and intentions of the Network.

They are:

Take Art is a pioneering countywide arts development agency based in Somerset, south west England. It is core funded by and is a key client for Arts Council England and is also a key client for local government authorities in Somerset. It has 5 areas of activity; rural touring, theatre, dance and music development and development specifically around the early years (ages 0-5). https://takeart.org/


logo amat fucsiaAMAT [ITALY]
AMAT is a non-profit association of local and regional authorities of Marche Region. Public and private cultural entities may be members of it. Its scopes are: to programme drama, dance and musical performances; to support artistic creativity in the performing arts; to promote initiatives addressed to schools and universities, encouraging contemporary approaches; to promote shows, conferences and editorial projects that help the consolidation and growth of the audience. www.amatmarche.net


The Art Fraction Foundation was established in 2010 and is one of the most dynamic, effective and rapidly developing non-governmental organizations in Poland in the field of art and culture for the youngest children and socially engaged projects. They cooperate with artists, cultural institutions and organizations from all over Poland and many countries in the world, whose experience is an inspiration and support for us on the way to creating valuable artistic, cultural and educational projects. www.artfractionfoundation.org


carn to cove logo vector black on transparent png jpgCREATIVE KERNOW [UK]
Creative Kernow is a not-for- profit social enterprise based in Cornwall, in the South West of the UK. It runs projects that develop creative practice within communities. One of those projects is Carn to Cove, a rural touring performing arts scheme, which over 14 years has grown to include 85 villages where more than 300 volunteers choose and present high quality artistic performances in community spaces for audiences of all ages. www.carntocove.co.uk


The activities of Estonian Dance Agency (SET) are particularly focussed on the art of dance: creative activities, performance activities, education, cooperation and information exchanges with all actors in the dance field, ensuring sustainability through the activities of a dance school, touring programme, a School Dance festival, workshops and youth company. SET has a vast know-how and experience in producing and performing music and dance performances. Their current network covers promoters and artists from all over the country. http://tantsuagentuur.ee/


Fish Eye is based in Klaipeda, which is the third biggest city and capital of Western Lithuania. It has an understanding of the importance of developing and spreading art, especially of contemporary expression, in the region, which is some considerable distance away from the main cultural centres of Lithuania (capital Vilnius and Kaunas). It actively participates in promoting art in the region. https://www.facebook.com/zuviesakis.lt/


Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo is a multidisciplinary circuit recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture.
It promotes quality dance, prose, music, and contemporary circus performances focusing particularly on Tuscan productions, totalling about 700 shows per year. It increases audience numbers and their awareness, and contributes to the renewal of the Italian theatrical scene. https://www.toscanaspettacolo.it/


The basic mission of the Center of Artistic Activities Impuls HK is to create conditions for the development of artistic creation of children, youth and adults and to participate in improving the offer for active use of leisure time in the field of culture. https://www.impulshk.cz/


Teatro 4Garoupas, founded in 2000 by the Brazilian actress Bebê de Soares and director and dramaturg Arno Kleinofen, presents a concept for a young audience that makes no concessions to well-known formulas of children's and youth theater, but tries to expand the boundaries of understanding children's and youth theater in an international context. From 2011-19 in Santiago de Chile, projects in the field of international exchange within the platform of the Amazonas Network. Since 2019 T4G is back in Cologne. https://www.teatro4garoupas.com/about/


Nová síť is an open cultural organization supporting performing arts and open culture. The organization actively creates opportunities for collaboration between Czech regions, Prague, and with abroad; improves communication between stakeholders of cultural life and the public administration; and strives for decentralization, development, and cultivation of civic society in the Czech Republic.  https://www.novasit.cz/en/news


Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture. From this combination, creative ideas emerge – artists, cultural activists, scientists and experts of various fields meet and give cutting-edge answers for the questions of our age. https://proprogressione.com/en/pro-progressione/


Riksteatern Varmland is a coordinating interest organization for the local theater and organizing associations.


SINUM Theatre’s aims are to spread, rethink and create cultural and artistic values related to performing arts on a local and European level, in line with the natural environment. They give a special attention to outdoor art forms, focusing on initiating a dialogue with the environment and relate to the values given by nature. They also want to foster intercultural dialogue, such as intercultural theatre, theatre anthropology, creative voice and sound art, dance, movement or other non-verbal performing techniques. https://www.sinumtheatre.eu/en/


Shoshin Theatre Association is involved in the creating, developing and sustaining of artistic, pedagogical and social projects, with a special emphasis on international collaboration and the establishment of partnerships with groups from different cultures.


The international Festival of Contemporary Dance of Zaragoza has existed since 2004. It condenses the majority of the dance program offered by the city, providing a vision of local, national and international scenes. Trayectos integrates artistic expression into the city, converting Zaragoza into a stage and a space for co-existence that inspires creators at the same time as it favours the encounter of citizens with contemporary dance.


facebook blaa sf den kulturelle skulesekken logo cmykVESTLAND COUNTY COUNCIL [NORWAY]
This organisation runs what is called, “Arts for young audiences”. This is a national programme for arts and culture for all pupils in Norwegian primary and secondary schools, in other words for all ages 6–19. The programme has existed since 2001, and is extremely successful. The programme enables schoolchildren and students to become acquainted with artistic and cultural work of a high quality and a professional standard. It covers a wide range of fields: performing arts, visual arts, film, music, literature and cultural heritage. https://www.denkulturelleskolesekken.no/vestland/