Join the RURITAGE photo contest!

27 July 2020

Do you want to show the world what makes Somerset special? Then take part in the RURITAGE Photo Contest! It is a unique opportunity for local communities to showcase the potential of our natural and cultural heritage.

 Ruritage wants to discover what it is like to see these areas from a local point of view and to understand what is distinctive and special about them.

The Photo Contest is organised within the scope of RURITAGE, a European research project that aims to strengthen the role that culture and heritage plays in the survival and success of rural communities. 

The 36 rural areas, including Somerset (represented by Take Art), that are part of the project are invited to join the RURITAGE Photo Contest.

The overarching theme of the photo contest is to reflect the uniqueness of the rural territories and celebrate their natural and cultural heritage. This includes one, or several, of the following aspects: nature; architecture; daily life; activities; traditions; challenges; Pilgrimage; Resilience; Landscape; Food; Migration or Arts & Festivals.

How to enter

The Photo Contest is taking place from 1 June until 31 October 2020 and is open to individuals and organisations. To participate, you need to submit photos of the rural areas participating in the Photo Contest.

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The Prizes

The winner of the RURITAGE photo contest will be invited to its final conference, which will take place in Paris in 2022. The best photos submitted to the contest will be displayed at the UNESCO Headquarters as well as highlighted on the websites of the project and its partners, including UNESCO, ICLEI Europe, University of Bologna.

Join the RURITAGE Photo Contest and show the world what makes our rural area special!

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