One Minute Festival - 1st Call Out (Now Closed)

23 April 2020

One Minute Festival

A call to the creative community of Somerset: could you create a one minute performance (song, dance, monologue, puppetry, mime, poem, etc) and capture it on video/mobile/tablet/laptop?

If so, please do so and send it via to by
the end of Friday 1 May 2020.

Take Art will host the ‘One Minute Festival’ on its webpage and share via its audience base across the county. The launch date, to be confirmed, is likely to be early May when we plan to host at least 10 films.

This is a chance for us to engage with our imaginations, make new work, share ideas and celebrate our skills and creativity to our audiences in these challenging and surreal times.

Let’s face it, it’s more fun than doing the dusting!

There are just a few rules: 

  • The performance must last one minute ( a few seconds leeway either side is allowed)
  • Video capture it on your phone/laptop/tablet (ie we encourage a low tech approach)
  • Send to Take Art by the deadline of Friday 30 April (end of)

NB: A small financial award for each film could be available, but this is dependent on the success of an ACE application to emergency funds.