Our Chief Executive Ralph Lister talks to Arts Professional

11 July 2019
Magnitudini by Michela Paoloni

How can rural voices be heard?

Ralph Lister article in Arts Professional. Published on 11-07-2019

With metropolitan bias prevailing at both a national and European level, the best hope for rural arts organisations lies in collaboration, argues Ralph Lister.

In the midst of the glum, introspective navel-gazing associated with Brexit, Take Art has been busy working on projects with partners in Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and associates in Norway, Sweden and Cornwall (Carn to Cove). We also successfully led a Creative Europe-funded project application entitled SPARSE (Supporting & Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe), which kicked off last September and runs until December 2021.

"No country can be defined by its major cities and the sense of sharing common values and concerns rural to rural is immediate and gives impetus to our work.


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